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Skinny Bass Drums-SBD $199 (shop on-line)Our handcrafted "Skinny Bass Drums" are made from Keller Maple Shells and are 6" deep x 22" in diameter with a 1 1/2" wood maple wood hoop. Quality parts and Remo Weather King Power Stroke 3 coated bass drum heads give these bass drums a nice deep "thump" sound which is perfect for small venues and tight spaces. Great sounding for acoustic shows with no need to amplify, but if you want to you can throw a microphone on it for a louder sound. These bass drums will cut through amplified guitars and vocals just fine though. The spurs will keep it in place with the pedal. See our carrying cases in the accessory page. Full size 20"x22" bass drums are also available by special order. Please email.

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SBD2                 Price $329.00
Skinny Bass Drum 2 Pro - This is our newest pro model of our "Skinny Bass Drum" featuring top and bottom heads to give it a bigger fuller sound more like a traditional deep bass drum. These hand crafted drums are made from top quality Keller Maple Shells and high quality hardware with Remo bass drum heads. The Skinny Bass Drum is 6" deep x 22" in diameter and sounds like a much deeper bass drum, able to cut through a couple of amplified guitars and vocals. Great for small venues, where space can be an issue. Our regular Skinny Bass Drums are great for this too. This packs a bigger punch and bigger sound in a small compact, easy to travel with package where a big bass drum is too much. Model # SBD2 Color: Ebony with Maple hoops.